Introduction of Me

Hello, I thought today I might introduce myself a little bit better than in the about me section of this blog which is rather vague, I’ll go into greater detail, if you will, about me, my family, and my life! First let’s talk about me, lol, as you already know my name is Kimberly, I’m... Continue Reading →

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Vacant Products

We all go through products, that's a normal part of life, what isn't normal is sharing the empty containers with the world. But that's excatly what this post is; I'm going to share with you all the products I've used up so far for the month of July and my thoughts on them. First up....... Continue Reading →

Red White and Blue 

Hiya world, it's been a little minute. I hope every one of you are living your best life, I know I'm trying but this scorching heat is making it incredibly difficult. I would love to be able to leave my house after 9 am without feeling like I'm melting because I am NOT a morning... Continue Reading →

Trying To Take Care Of Me

As I sit here listening to the raindrops on my roof I am inspired to write what feels like the most difficult post ever.  From behind closed doors or computer screens, I've been dealing with my own personal struggles for months. I'm not really sure where to start and this post will most likely not... Continue Reading →

June Unboxing 

Yes oh yasss, honey! I'm back and I have an amazingly awesome unboxing from a fabulous company who's name is just as fun to say as receiving the products.  Yes Oh Yas! is a subscription box club where you receive 3 to 4 full size makeup/beauty items on a monthly basis. Each monthly box include... Continue Reading →

Half Way Through … Already 

June marks the the halfway point in a year, which means schools out, birthdays, and the official start of summer. June also usually signifies that what's left of the year is going to get busy.  SCHOOLS OUT  These past 180 days seemed to fly by, and before my husband and I knew it our baby... Continue Reading →

BoxyCharm Review and Tutorial 

Happy Wednesday to you! I'm glad you're back because today I wanna share with you a very special BoxyCharm review. Plus I'll be putting everything to the test and sharing a tutorial look I created with the products. May was a birthday bash for BoxyCharm as they celebrated 5 years, and to commemorate this milestone... Continue Reading →

Subscription Review 

Here we are, yet again, with another review; but I promise you this one is different! I'm a stay at home mom who has NO time to shop for myself, let alone leave the house without one or both of my kids having a major meltdown cause they're not going with me. So I ran... Continue Reading →

Your Choice Update

Good evening or Morning, where ever you are. I wish I was writing this update with some good news but unfortunately it's not. I was planning on publishing my Nadine West Unboxing & Try-on today, but due to some serious technical difficulties I'm unable to. I am so disappointed and angered by this, damn technology... Continue Reading →

Your Choice

Hey, hope everyone's week started off without a hitch. I will be posting on Wednesday but I'm not sure which post I should publish, so I'm gonna leave it up my followers. Comment below if you would like to see.... May's BoxyCharm Review/Tutorial Or Nadine West Unboxing/Try-on Until tomorrow, Kimberly ❤️

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