Introduction of Me

Hello, I thought today I might introduce myself a little bit better than in the about me section of this blog which is rather vague, I’ll go into greater detail, if you will, about me, my family, and my life! First let’s talk about me, lol, as you already know my name is Kimberly, I’m... Continue Reading →

Featured post

The other day I was out running my normal Monday errands. I decided to take the back way home, away from all the traffic and to let little man sleep plus I wasn't in any hurry to get back. We had had bad weather the night before and the roads were still wet and a... Continue Reading →

My Husband 

Hello,I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s Day! Mine was relaxed and laid back; watching movies with the kiddos and hubs. I’m still in the spirit of love so I thought that since I have already introduced my kids and pets; it’s time I finally introduce my wonderful husband. My Husband Drew • We’ve know each other... Continue Reading →

My Inspiration

What's your inspiration? Much Love Always, K.Michelle If you haven't read my last post, Teaching, where I show you what tools I used to prepare my daughter for school, then please click here to jump on over. Xoxo


Hello, I hope you all are liking this month’s photo challenge posts. I’m really enjoying it myself, a new topic everyday keeps my brain on its toes. As for what’s going on in my world….the hubs and I are still house hunting with little to no luck. We’ve found a bunch of places we really... Continue Reading →

V-Day Makeup Ideas

The other evening I was bored & I when this happens I tend to play around with my makeup collection. I don't have any place to go or anyone to see, I just find it relaxing to take a blank canvas and turn it into something beautiful. Well, with Valentine's Day right around the corner,... Continue Reading →

Sunday’s Ritual

I look forward to Sunday, that’s the only day I actually get to myself to just watch television & recharge for the week ahead. It's also the only day I do absolutely nothing! I sit my happy ass on my couch with my iPad and don’t move for hours; occasionally I get up an eat... Continue Reading →

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